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Fred W. | Michigan Group | Northern Michigan University | Pro Football Player (retired)

I’ve always considered myself an impact player. Before I started with Enterprise Mobility, I was a professional football player. So every day at work, I use my experiences to gather my team together, plan our day and all work towards our goals.

When I was an Assistant Manager, there were a couple Management Trainees who were struggling. I looked them right in the eye and said, ‘I’m here now. We’re going to turn this around. We’re going to get you promoted.’ That’s big to me – seeing people under me get promoted.

I have tunnel vision and am focused on achieving my goals, so no matter what you put in front of me, I’m going to get there.

My Career Tips

"We’re one team, working toward a common goal. Offer your support to someone who may be struggling and help them get past their hurdle."

"Take everything in. Listen to your managers. Learn everything you can – it’ll come back and be useful in your career one day."

"Remember you’re a part of a team. We each find our own success while still helping each other achieve our goals."

"Set goals for yourself at every level and do what it takes to achieve them."

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Fred on the computer helping a customer
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